The Sherpa font family was initiated following my research trip to Bhutan in November and December 2014. Sherpa is the practical font output of the post-doctoral research project ‘Sherpa: the writing systems of the Himalayas’ in which the different writing systems that are used in the region of the Himalayan mountain range in Asia are being studied.

This research investigates the origin and development of these scripts in different paeleographic and typographic styles, with the purpose of designing and developing the Sherpa font, a digital type family for typesetting the languages and dialects of the Himalayas in their scripts of origin, with corresponding Latin transliterations and translations.

The project starts with studying, and designing the Sherpa typeface, for the Lantsa (Rañjanā) script, and will continue with Tibetan, Phags-pa, Lepcha, Mongolian, Soyombo, and Devanagari scripts.

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