Dolma Tibetan

Dolma Tibetan

Dolma, a Tibetan font in the ‘headless’ Umed (dbu med – དབུ་མེད།) Petsug (དཔེ་ཚུགས།) style.

This specific handwritten style is often used in Tibetan book publications, as the characteristics of the distinctive short and angular Tibetan letterforms with its short vowel signs, accommodate a tighter positioning of consecutive text lines. Petsug was frequently used in the Kham Province of East Tibet, which explains its alternative name Khamyig, meaning ‘the writing of Kham’.

Dolma was designed for the 40th anniversary celebrations of Karma Sonam Gyamtso Ling, the Tibetan Institute in Schoten (Antwerp) in 2018.

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