At Studio Type, we take pride in being the first-ever Belgian type foundry dedicated to designing world script fonts.

Picture of Typo Jo in Tokyo
photo by Rodrigo Esper

Jo De Baerdemaeker (@typojo) is an independent Belgian typeface designer and researcher. He holds an MA in Typeface Design and was awarded a PhD from the University of Reading. His interests are designing, researching and writing about world script typefaces (in particular Tibetan, Lantsa (Rañjanā), Mongolian and Javanese) and multilingual typography.

In 2012 he founded studio Type in Antwerp (Belgium), and collaborates with international design agencies and type foundries, such as: Tiro Typeworks, Type Together, Typotheque, Dalton Maag, Monotype, Microsoft, Google, The New York Times, WIELS, Nottingham Contemporary, Sara De Bondt, Literatuur Vlaanderen, Stad Antwerpen, This is Antwerp, Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Branding Today, Museum Plantin-Moretus, The University of Reading, and Vlaamse Overheid.

Jo is a regular speaker at international conferences, and curates exhibitions on type (design) and typography. He is a font & typography consultant for companies, holds (inter)national workshops on type design, and organises guided type walks in Belgium.


Bespoke Typeface Design

Our team of skilled and experienced typographers specializes in crafting unique and tailor-made typefaces. Whether you're a brand looking for a custom font to reflect your identity or a designer seeking a personalized touch, our bespoke typeface design service brings your vision to life. We collaborate closely with clients, considering brand ethos, target audience, and design aesthetics to deliver one-of-a-kind typography that speaks volumes.

Licensing for Commercial Use

Explore our extensive library of professionally designed fonts available for commercial licensing. From elegant serifs to contemporary sans-serifs, our diverse collection caters to a wide range of design preferences. Our licensing options provide flexibility, ensuring you have the right permissions to use our fonts in various commercial applications, including branding, advertising, packaging, and digital media.

Type Review

Navigating the world of typography can be complex. Our team of typography experts is here to guide you. Whether you're unsure about font pairing, need advice on creating a cohesive typographic hierarchy, or want insights into the latest typographic trends, our consultants offer personalized recommendations and strategic insights. Elevate your design projects with the knowledge and expertise of our seasoned professionals.

Workshops and Lectures

On regular moments in the year, studio Type also offers unique workshops on type design and font development for the general public, where everyone can register. Furthermore tailor-made private hand-on workshops are organised for compagnies, publishing houses or design studios.